From bespoke workshops for your management team, to customer care workshops for staff, Ideas in Partnership can deliver bespoke workshops to meet your business  development needs. 

We can deliver bespoke workshops on: 

  • Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales 
  • Customer Care 


Professional facilitation run by industry leaders in an interactive, fun and informative way.

Workshops can be part of the marketing mix and are a good way of ensuring that staff are fully au fait with any new developments within an organisation.

Ideas in Partnership run customer care workshops which are bespoke to the organisation and are based on a sound brief from the SMT. We have run workshops for the Spotty Bag Shop based in Banff, Grampian Transport Museum based at Alford, The Bon Accord Centre and for town centre developments throughout the country.

Workshops can be run to help with Personal Development and our “Be All You Can Be” Events have been run in Turriff, Inverurie and Aberdeen.

These workshops can help with individual personal development but can also help with new team development and cultural change.

Workshops can also be on specialised subjects and we run marketing, market research, strategy and sales workshops throughout the UK.

Workshops - we carry out the following: 

Be All You Can Be


We are also a partner with MaxCap.